Início  /   Inspection

The Inspection purpose is to evaluate the conformity of the material / equipment  referring to the requirements specified by the project, through a process that, besides being effective, is also economic for the Client.

The Inspection activities are normally characterized in accordance with the type of service to be applied, which is always defined in compliance with the Client. This definition commonly is function of several factors, among them:

- Previous experience in similar supplies;

- Manufacture process adopted;

- Characteristics of the material / equipment ordered;

- Recommended or demanded cares, related to technical and/or operational


- Value of the supply;

- Type of manufacture (under order or normal line of production);

- Demands established in the project specifications;

- Several interests and/or specific needs of the Client.

In order to meet the needs mentioned before, the following types of inspection services may be rendered by DHM:

- Partial Manufacture Inspection;

- Total Manufacture Inspection;

- Final Manufacture Inspection;

- Inspection of Release for Transportation;

- Inspection of the Supplier Data Book.

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