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For contracting the services offered, it is usually used a Contract by Administration, which prices-tariff are previously established, or by Professional Category, or by Service Type.

The validity of this Contract may be agreed for a period non determined, as well as the scope be very overarching, in order to make it possible for the Client the most possible flexibility during the contracting.

It is important to emphasize that, even while the Contract invigorates, there will be any Client’s compulsoriness to ask for services in predetermined frequencies. The big advantage offered é the Client activate the DHM in the right measure of his real needs. So, only the effective worked hours will be considered in the invoicing.

By all the reasons pointed above, this type of Contract is known for all practical purposes as “umbrella”, being its acceptance almost unanimous in the market, considering the advantages that it offers and the flexibility that it provides to the Clients.